My name is Uli and I started to collect
Coca - Cola cans in the year 1988.
With the Olympic Games in Seoul I got my first
Coke cans from Germany.
I ask all my friends, to bring me cans from their
holidays, so I get some cans from other countries.
In 1999 I started to use the internet to get more
cans. Starting with eBay, contacting other
collectors by mail, my collection gets more
and more cans.
2008 I thought itīs time to have my own
website. I hope you all will like it.
For feedback, just mail me !
Name : Ulrich Czarnetzki Born : 1971  
Street : Pankgrafenweg 16 Phone : Only for good friends !!!
City : 59494 Soest Email :
Country : Germany Ebay : Coco_71